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Information on all circulatory problems -
The Circulation Foundation is the principle UK charity devoted to peripheral vascular disease. The website has a lot of useful information on vascular disease including venous disorders.
The Daylong UK website is a useful source of information on compression hosiery including the ability to order on line.
Medi UK
Medi have released a Velcro compression garment for those who find bandaging and stockings difficult. JuxtaCures. Look it up on their website.
NHS Choices website for varicose veins
Plenty of information and videos here and some explanation of the limitation of treatments available on the NHS. This does vary depending on where you live so please discuss with your GP.
National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)
The Vascular Society
The Circulation Foundation
National body for guidance on healthcare, recommendations about treatments, quality assurance for new procedures. Look up venous disease guidelines.